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About Us

SABAH INTERNATIONAL COFFEE FESTIVAL - From the Land Below the Wind, an annual celebration of Sabah's coffee history, culture, market and more!

Welcome to Sabah, the land below the wind!

As the 2nd largest state in Malaysia, Sabah is home to some of the world’s most lush and centuries old rainforest, and surrounded by pristine clear blue waters.

For many decades Sabah has produced quality coffee, tea and cocoa on top of a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables. The volcanic soil together with tropical climate have allowed Sabah coffee, tea and cocoa fruits to exhibit signature flavors rivaling international offerings.

Originally started as Sabah Coffee Festival since 2016, and organized as annual 3-day expo event, responses from both public and industry players have been consistently enthusiastic and overwhelming.

With collaboration with Kota Kinabalu City Council, this year of 2022 sees the Festival moving to a higher milestone; henceforth officially renamed as Sabah International Coffee Festival. With the Festival timeframe extending to one week, and looking to making it an annual monthly event from 2023 onwards, it is aspired to create a vibrant ecosystem of activities – be it expo, carnival, conferences or the like, to showcase Sabah’s rich natural offerings from upstream to downstream, coupled with Sabah’s rich culture comprising diverse indigenous customs, traditions and rituals.

Tourists from both domestic and international sources are welcome to visit and partake in the celebrations, to enjoy Sabah’s food and beverage hospitalities, visit places of attractions, immerse in the culture, and bring home memories with products.

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Sabah International Coffee Festival was inaugurated in 2018, and is organized annually to showcase the rich natural offerings, coupled with Sabah’s rich culture comprising diverse indigenous customs, traditions and rituals.

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