Coffee wave with the rhythm of music

Allbendoy Widin

The concept of art produced is inspired by the concept of surrealism. Surrealism means, the

art produced is in the form of fantasy, dreams and semi-conscious.

The processed object produced is not comparable at rate of real circumstances, but the process of it is from the nature and the circumstances desired by the artist. It is an ideology or an opinion about something that the artist him or herself interpreted. Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp are among the early visual artists who are involved in this type of painting. They themselves, together with other visual artists have given stimulants to produce this art work.

The idea of these art ‘ Coffee Wave with the rhythm of music’ is sparked from a coffee bean. For me, by seeing the bubble floating in the cup of ‘Teh Tarik’ or ‘Kopi Tarik’, it is said that the orientation and the size of the bubble can describe what the drinkers feel. It shows a complete personality and a high aspiration of the person who drinks the cup of tea or coffee. It has a vision to remain in its objective and are able to deal with any problem with calmness, determination and consistency. It is leading more to prosperity and harmony to the soul in fact it is also willing to sacrifice a bit of worldly pleasures. However, expectation to succeed in this world and the ‘hereafter’ is greater than anything as everything else is pushed behind.

As for me, Music and coffee cannot be separated, I believe that goes the same to the others. This is because without sound and without music, the taste of coffee will definitely taste empty. In the meantime, a so called an infirm root that wants to bother the concentration of the drinker is one of the barrier that comes as a distraction and a troublemaker.

It’s an analogy, where in a life, although human is determine to live in peace and harmony, there will always be obstacles coming to challenge.

However, these is only an imitation experienced that I visualize in painting. Certainly, the audiences have their own personal opinion.

Sabah International Coffee Festival was inaugurated in 2018, and is organized annually to showcase the rich natural offerings, coupled with Sabah’s rich culture comprising diverse indigenous customs, traditions and rituals.

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