Galdius Anixcent Ganting

For me, painting is a voice that express and convey the message to the public. The painting is a simple and honest  voice from me.

Every time I think about coffee, the first thing that pops in my mind is ‘drinking coffee with friends.’  Therefore, I have to paint  with the honest ideas that came out and so, the painting is painted.

The painting is divided into three panel which is the color brown, blue and orange.

Brown panel – Brown represents  Coffee, and the portraits painted in that brown area has a facial expressions that is enjoying the coffee.

Blue panel – The color blue represent morning mood which is a very synonymous with drinking coffee. Besides that, blue also symbolizes peace in friendship that is brought closer by coffee.


Orange panel – Orange represent the evening  atmosphere where it is the perfect time to enjoy a cup of coffee. Orange also represent an exciting topic in a conversation about the History and old memories while enjoying coffee in the evening.


These are the story behind the painting.

Sabah International Coffee Festival was inaugurated in 2018, and is organized annually to showcase the rich natural offerings, coupled with Sabah’s rich culture comprising diverse indigenous customs, traditions and rituals.

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