My Coffee Mornings

The smell of freshly brewing coffee is so inviting that you just want to go right to the source

of the lovely aroma. That is how I spent the early mornings while on holiday at Port Dickson

in the 1960″ and 1970’s. Needless to say, as a curious youngster in those days I use to sneak up on the old Chinese man who was the caretaker of the sea side bungalow that we use to stay at.

We called him Ah Pek…I know its not his real name but that is how it was…..

Anyway, like clockwork, he would start brewing the coffee really early and the lovely aroma just filled the air being carried by the cool sea breeze accompanied by the random  sounds of nearby Kingfishers.

Peeping from the old wooden doorway into his little kitchen, I

watched him complete his morning rituals of preparing the coffee, half boiled eggs, kaya on Hailam bread then he would carry the whole breakfast in a large circular enamel tray up to the main bungalow.Complete with the old kopi tiam coffee cups and some enamel “cups”  too.

Carefully noticing where his cat was sleeping…just in case as he made his way up .

Such a simple routine yet a wonderful memory for me.


Sabah International Coffee Festival was inaugurated in 2018, and is organized annually to showcase the rich natural offerings, coupled with Sabah’s rich culture comprising diverse indigenous customs, traditions and rituals.

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